Artist and Kittay Resident Hanna Eshel Displays Sculptures at Gallery

Internationally known artist Hanna Eshel, a Kittay resident, held a  showing at Kittay’s Gallery by the Garden in November 2017. Hanna, now 90, is a sculptor whose marble works have been shown in a number of European galleries, and who has been a longtime part of the Manhattan art scene.

Hanna began her artistic journey in 1972, when she left Paris to travel alone by train to Carrera, Italy to fulfill her long-held dream of being an artist. With an eye to the abstract works of Brancusi, she shifted from painting to the three-dimensional medium of marble sculptures.

Among the visitors to her new gallery showing were a number of her fellow artists who reside at Kittay. Many continue to produce works in Kittay’s art studio. Hanna’s apartment at Kittay recreates the feel of her previous loft in Manhattan.

For the past several years, the Gallery by the Garden at Kittay has presented the work of artists in the Bronx and across the tri-state area, who explore the dynamic relationship between people, nature and culture through exhibitions in the Main Gallery Wing, Studio Art Space, and Virtual Gallery Program. The Gallery by the Garden is a vital part of Kittay’s creative community, and curator Victoria Marin-Harrison has a distinguished background in the arts. (See previous exhibitions in the gallery.)

We are appreciative to City Council Member Fernando Cabrera for the grant that partially funds the Creative Arts Program at Kittay Senior Apartments.

Hanna Eshel