Kittay Improv Player Tells Jewish Week She’d Like to Be on Letterman

Quick Thinkers at 90 in the October 16, 2013 issue of Jewish Week visits an improv session with the Cherub Improv group at Kittay.

Kittay tenant Edna Nelkin sparked the idea after one of the Cherub Improv’s performances when she suggested the tenants participate.

Now, as Jewish Week pointed out “Kittay, as far as is known, is the only senior housing site in the New York area that offers such participation-encouraged improv on a regular basis.”

Not only is improv a regular, weekly feature, the Kittay Players are funny, too.  As you can see from the article available here, after two years, The Kittay Players are ready to take the stage. Mr. Letterman, are you listening?