Kittay Gallery by the Garden: A Unique Concept in Art Exhibition Spaces


The Gallery by the Garden at Kittay presents the work of artists in the Bronx and tri-state area, who explore the dynamic relationship between people, nature and culture through exhibitions in the Main Gallery Wing, Studio Art Space, and Virtual Gallery Program.

Now celebrating our third year, this unique gallery offers artists of the Bronx and tri-state area, the opportunity to share their work with the vibrant senior community at Kittay. Its scope extends well beyond the beautiful Bronx campus and includes family, friends and associates from all over the globe.

The Kittay Senior Apartment community is as rich and varied as the city itself. Kittay tenants bring their unique backgrounds and interests, and develop new interests through the wealth of activities offered.

The Gallery by the Garden is a vital part of this creative community. Exhibiting artists have the opportunity to showcase their work to a broad audience. Many notable guests visit Kittay. Our Curator Victoria Marin-Harrison comes to Kittay with a distinguished background in the Arts and Entertainment Industry, is passionate about her work, and the continued development of our Gallery by the Garden, as it grows.

To quote Kittay Senior Apartments Director Arlene Richman, who has developed this unique culture, “Creativity is contagious.”

At the openings, the artists share valuable insights into their work with the Kittay extended community. They are also given the time to further elaborate on their work and creative process via lively Kittay Resident Artist Panel discussions – which have been very well received.

Kittay Gallery by the Garden exhibits are funded in part by a New York City Department for the Aging Grant from Councilman Fernando Cabrera.

Exhibit Openings