Many people would post a five-star rating and lengthy review if they got a great pizza, but it may not have occurred to you to review the place where you or a loved one are living.

It’s very important to Kittay Senior Apartments to spread the word about our community, and we’d appreciate it if you’d post your feedback online. We promise that our team will read your reviews on Google Maps/Business and Yelp.

Never posted a review before? Here’s our quick guide to posting a review on these vital forums for customer reviews – Google Maps/Business and Yelp.


Google Maps/Business:

First, you’ll need to open the Google Maps/Business listing for Kittay Senior Apartments in the Bronx.

Click where it says ‘Write a Review’, which depending on the version of Google Maps/Business you are using, will generally be found low down on the Kittay business description overlay next to the map. You’ll need to log in to your Google account (you’ll already have one if you use Gmail, Google+ or other Google services). As a heads-up, if you have set Google Maps to its Lite setting, it does not have a review function.

Select a star rating for your overall experience from 1 to 5 stars. Below the rating, you can also write a review, then post it.

Remember, your reviews are public, so anyone using Google Maps can see your review rating and text.



Click the ‘Write a Review’ button, found in red near the top of the Kittay Senior Apartments page. Please bear in mind that to rate us, you need to be registered on Yelp.

Select a star rating for your overall experience of Kittay from 1 to 5 stars. Below the rating, you can also write a review. If you’re not ready to post it, you can save it as a draft, and finish it later. Once you’re happy with your review, click the ‘Publish’ button. Once you’ve published it, Yelp will ask you if you’d like to share the new review on your Facebook wall as well.


Thank you for taking the time to write a review of Kittay Senior Apartments. We are appreciative of your time and your feedback.