Special Deal for Veterans
Special Deal for Veterans

Why are more veterans moving to Kittay Senior Apartments?  They love the value of a well-designed apartment, three meals each day, and the vibrant community.  Veterans at Kittay are pleased to find others who share their experiences and beliefs.

All Veterans receive a $400 discount for the first three months of rent, upon signing a permanent lease.

Best of all is the proximity to the James J. Peters VA Hospital right across the street, so vets can take advantage of all the healthcare benefits they so deserve.

Contact us today to find out more! Please call us at 718-410-1441 or email us to set up a visit. We even have trial- and short-stay options if that’s what you’re looking for.

Marion Armstrong (US Army veteran) with her daughter Karen.  “It was so wonderful that I was able to find a place like Kittay and so exciting to discover the special benefit because Mom was a veteran! The staff has become like family.”